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دستگاه تبدیل COM پورت به EtherNet شبکه DS1206

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The DS1206 is a miniature BASIC-programmable controller designed primarily for serial-over-IP and serial control applications. It comes preloaded with a fully functional serial-over-IP application.

The unique feature of the DS1206 is its multi-channel serial port. The device has a single DB9M connector and is priced as a single-port device, yet packs four independent serial channels. Have no use for those DSR and DTR lines? Turn them into RX and TX of an additional serial channel. Don’t want CTS and RTS either? That’s one more channel! In total, there are 15 different configurations to choose from.

Another feature of the DS1206 is software-controlled power output on pin 9 of the RS232 port, so you can power an attached serial device directly through the DS1206. Alternatively, the DS1206 itself can be powered through this pin.


  • Superior upgrade to the DS203 and DS1202 devices.
  • Based on high-performance purpose-built 88MHz T1000 IC.
  • 10/100BaseT, auto-MDIX Ethernet port.
  • Up to 3.5 serial channels on a single RS232 connector:
    • Baudrates of up to 921,600bps;
    • None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;
    • 7/8 bits/character modes;
    • Optional flow control;
    • Flexible mapping with 15 different options, such as:
    • A single channel: RX, TX, CTS, RTS, DSR, and DTR lines;
    • 3.5 channels: RX, TX, RX2, TX2, RX3, TX3, and RX4 lines.
  • Programmable “12V” power output on pin 9 of the DB9M connector;
  • Pin 9 can also be used for “12V” power input.
  • Up to 1024KB flash memory for firmware, application, and data.
  • 2KB EEPROM for data storage.
  • Four LEDs:
    • Green and red status LEDs on top of the device;
    • Link and speed Ethernet status LEDs on the RJ45 jack.
  • Software-controlled onboard PLL.
  • Power: 10-24V (12V nominal).
  • Dimensions: 60x47x30mm.
  • Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network.
  • CE- and FCC-certified.

Optional Accessories:
DMK1000 DIN rail mounting kit
12V/0.5A adaptor: APR-P0011 (US), APR-P0012 (EU), APR-P0013 (UK)
WAS-1499 straight Ethernet cable*
WAS-P0004(B) DB9M-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-PC)
WAS-P0005(B) DB9F-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-device)



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