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دستگاه تبدیل COM پورت به EtherNet شبکه DS1100

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The DS1100 is a compact BASIC-programmable controller targeting cost-sensitive serial-over-IP and serial control applications.

Built around the same T2000 ASIC as our EM500 “MiniMo” module, the DS1100 offers a single-channel RS232 port. Device power can be supplied via its power jack, pin9 of the DB9 (serial port) connector, or the optional power-over-Ethernet board.

There are three LEDs on the device’s front: green and red main status LEDs, and a yellow Ethernet link LED.

Each DS1100 is supplied with the DIN rail and wall mounting plates.


  • Superior upgrade to the DS203 device.
  • Based on the second-generation ASIC (T2000).
  • 10/100BaseT auto-MDIX Ethernet port.
  • Optional power-over-Ethernet.
  • Single-channel RS232 port on DB9M connector:
    • TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR lines;
    • Baudrates of up to 115200bps;
    • None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;
    • 7/8 bits/character modes;
    • Optional RTS/CTS flow control;
    • “12V” power input on pin 9 of the DB9.
  • 512KB flash memory for firmware and application.
  • 200 bytes of EEPROM space for data storage.
  • Three LEDs:
    • Green and red main status LEDs;
    • Yellow Ethernet link LED.
  • Power: 12VDC nominal (min. 9V, max. 18V).
  • Dimensions: 90x48x25mm.
  • Operating temperature range: -5 ~ 70 C.
  • Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network (including cold upgrade firmware uploads through the network).
  • CE- and FCC-certified.

Included Accessories:
DIN rail mounting plate
Wall mounting plate and two screws

Optional Accessories:
12V/0.5A adaptor: APR-P0011 (US), APR-P0012 (EU), APR-P0013 (UK)
WAS-1499 straight Ethernet cable*
WAS-P0004(B) DB9M-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-PC)
WAS-P0005(B) DB9F-to-DB9F serial cable (device-to-device)

The device comes preloaded with a fully functional serial-over-IP application


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